Beginners Tips For A Perfect Cheese Platter

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beginners tips for setting a cheese platter

Hey Lovelies! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we can’t wait. We just love everything about Thanksgiving including the appetizers! One of the most timeless and beloved appetizers out there is a cheese platter.  The varying taste and texture among the breads, crackers as well as the cheeses makes the perfect savory plate that isn’t too filling. Sometimes putting a cheese platter can be confusing. Luckily our friends at Part Select have put together some AH-Mazing beginners tips to help you put together a perfect cheese platter. Check out the helpful inforgraphic below!

Beginners Tips For A Perfect Cheese Platter

A cheese plattter seems like a simple enough concept, but putting one together on your own can feel intimidating, especially if you’re new to the cheese world. But this intimidating culinary experience really comes down to a few simple guidelines, and your own preferences.

It’s not so much about pairing specific cheeses as it is putting together complimentary characteristics. So have a mix of hard and soft cheese, that range from mild to intense in flavor.

When putting together your actual platter, make sure not to crowd the cheeses. Let them have enough room to breathe on their own. Provide a separate knife for each cheese, and serve 1-2 ounces for each person. Finally, arrange the cheeses in order from the fresh and light ones such as mozzarella, to the more ripe ones such as blue cheese.

Awesome tips for setting a cheese platter

Now as soon as your guests hear you call gouda by its Dutch pronunciation, “how-da”, they will think you’re the cheese expert!

See more cheese platter ideas and inspirations to help you get together the perfect appetizer to greet your guests.

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