{Guest Post} Cute Ways To Announce Your Engagement

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Cute Engagement Annoucement photo

{Cute engagement announcement photo.}

Hey Lovelies, we have a lovely guest post from Melissa today that covers some cute engagement announcement ideas and tips. It is such an exciting time in your life and there are some good steps to take and cute things you can do to make it even more exciting and tell all your friends and family your news. 

Cute Ways to Announce Your Engagement
He got down on one knee, pulled out the ring of your dreams, and asked you that one question you’ve been waiting to hear. If you’ve recently become engaged, congratulations are in order. Before you begin the planning, rife with questions about centerpieces and where you’ll find the special dress you’ve always imagined, you’ll first need to announce your exciting news to family and friends. Consider announcing your engagement with one of these creative tells and make the reveal an occasion to remember. Here are some tips on give a cute engagement announcement.

First Things First
There are a few rules of decorum when it comes to telling your loved ones about this life changing news. If either of you have children, they should be the first to know. Sit them down and talk to them about your plans to remarry, how things may change after your marriage (housing alterations and the like), and encourage your children to ask any questions or voice any concerns they might have. If you don’t have children, the first to know are usually the parents of the bride and groom-to-be. Take a bouquet of vibrant flowers over to their home and sit them down to let them know the happy news.

For Separated Parents
If you’re looking for ways to announce the engagement to parents who are separated, consider buying them gifts to make them both feel equally apart of your special news. For mom it could be a lovely clutch, complete with a note inside that says “For all the tissues you’ll need as we say our I do’s” or something along a similar vein. For the dad who’s a beer savant, grab a personalized growler from a place like Etching Expressions that reads “Father of the Bride”. These subtle announcement styles are heartfelt and thoughtful, and definitely going to make this memorable occasion even more special.

Custom Growlers

If You Have Children
If you have children and want to enlist their help for your wonderful announcement, consider customized t-shirts that they can wear proudly. Of course once you’ve gotten engaged, your little ones should be the first to hear. Once you’ve talked to your kids about this upcoming life change, they’ll be more than excited to become a part of the reveal process. The shirt can read “Soon-to-be Flower Girl” or “Daddy’s Favorite Groomsman”. Whatever you choose, tell your little one to keep the secret until family and friends start to understand the meaning of the words on their shirt for a sweet reveal that everyone will enjoy.

A Themed Mixed Tape
If you’re a music lover and want to spread your message through the power of song, create a fun mixtape filled with “wedding songs” to get your point across. You can invite friends and family over for an impromptu get together, and set the songs to play in the background. No doubt the selection is sure to have a few scratching their heads at your song picks for the evening, and that’s precisely the reaction you should be looking for. From “Going to the Chapel” to “Chapel of Love” to “White Wedding” from good ol’ Billy Idol, you can expect some side-eye glances after the third song plays. If there’s still no reaction, have the wedding march serve as the last song to be the real announcement kicker.

Announcement MIxed Tape

{Engagement save the date mixed tape print from Pink Milkshake Designs on Etsy.}

An Engagement Cake
Get a jump on the wedding cake selection by ordering a personalized cake from BakerDays.com and serving it to the crew that you’d like to tell. Request a decoration of a bride and groom on the cake’s front, or a phrase like “I said ‘Yes’ to forever”. Lay the cake on the table and wait for someone to open the box; cue the gasps and happy exclamations.

Personalized Engagement Cake

{Custom Engagement Cake from Baker Days.}


A New Take on Save the Dates
Take the “save the date” idea for a spin with a personalized calendar made specifically for your family and friends. You can print out the month of your chosen wedding date, block out the specific day with your picture, clip art of a ring, or wording of your choice. At the top, write “Save the Date” and wait for the hugs you’ll soon get.
Celebrate your engagement properly by announcing your amazing news in one of these creative ways and help your family and friends share in your joy and excitement.

Cute Save The Dates

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