Trend Alert: Balloons With Words!

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Trend Alert- Balloons With Words! - B. Lovely Events

Trend Alert! Trend Alert! Lovelies, we have been seeing a trend pop up lately all over the place and we wanted keep you in the loop! Balloons! Balloons are popping up all over the place and we aren’t just talking about any old balloons, we are talking about balloons with words! Yes balloons have stepped up a notch to get a little more lovely with a little addition of writing on them! We are absolutely loving this trend because it works for all celebrations. Balloons are already festive by themselves, but when you add fun sayings and words on them they great ever better. There are tons of ways you can write on your balloons too. You can use stickers, write and draw on them with Sharpies or our favorite look, write on them with calligraphy words and sayings for a really lovely look. Black balloons with gold writing look amazing like this. We have rounded up our favorite looks for this new trendy balloons with words look. You will want them at your next celebration no matter what it is, we just know it! 

New trend-Balloons With Words!

{Not going to lie, we love balloons for all occasions, even Christmas! We wanted to start of with these amazing Christmas balloons from A Practical Wedding to show you that you can use balloons with words for every celebration!}

Love these Bachelorette Balloons with words

{And when we say every celebration, we mean it! Check out these fabulous written balloons for a bachelorette party from Cute DIY Projects.}

New Years Resolution Balloons with words

{We love written balloons for New Year’s too like these resolution ones on Balloon Time.}

Pop Fizz Clink New Years Eve Balloons with words

{Add them anywhere to add instant charm like these Pop Fizz Clink New Year’s Eve balloons on Pizzazzerie!}

Fun Save The Date Balloons With Words!

{You can also get them already printed on and use them as invitations or fun decor like these save the date birthday balloons from Belle And Chic. Such a cute idea for a wedding too!}

Valentines Day Balloons with Words

{Adding stickers to them are totally an easy DIY project that turns out lovely every time! We love these valentine’s day conversation hearts on Balloon Time!}

I Am thankful balloons with words

{We love the calligraphy look for balloons too. It just adds such a lovely touch! This Thankful For balloon is just exquisitely fun from Studio DIY.}

Whats Trending- Drawn on Balloons!

{Adding lovely designs to your balloons is definitely trending too and is great when you adds to the mix of balloons with words! Aren’t these fabulous on Hey There?}

Trend alert- Balloons with words- Cute Thanksgiving Balloons

{Loving all of these cute sayings on these balloons for…you’ll never guess…Thanksgiving! So fun & creative from Studio DIY!}

Gold Written Balloons- lovely centerpeice!

{We are adoring gold calligraphy on black balloons. It is so chic, sophisticated and completely charming. These little black balloons on A Little Bright with words make lovely wedding centerpieces too!}

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