Lovely Gingerbread Houses!

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Gingerbread House Ideas We Love!- B. Lovely Events

Happy December Lovelies! We are getting festive all month long here on the blog, giving you lots of ideas to make your season bright! Today we have one of our favorite holiday traditions Gingerbread houses! Don’t you remember how much fun these were to make as a kid? Gingerbread houses are such a great family project to do together and there are so many ways to decorate them. Of course candy and icing is a must but after that, the possibilities are endless! We have rounded up the most lovely decorated gingerbread house ideas. From teeny tiny ones to giant ones, there are so many amazingly decorated gingerbread houses out there. There are ones that are pink and ones that are blue and red. There are rustic ones to modern ones and the classically decorated ones too. We can’t wait to show you these lovely gingerbread houses that we know will give you lots of ideas and inspirations!

This decorated gingerbread house is amazing!

{We love the designs on this gingerbread house from King Author. There is a tutorial for this one that you don’t want to miss!}

Love this Lovely Gingerbread house!

{The detail on this gingerbread house from Sprinkles Bakes is phenomenal! We love the snow cover trees and roof!}

Blue And Red Modern Gingerbread House!

{We are adoring the blue and red colors on this modern gingerbread house from Whipper Berry! So cute!}


{This gingerbread house on Beauty Style Addicted is a giant one and we are totally adoring the decorations on it! The cone trees are just the cherry on top.}

Lovely Little Modern Gingerbread house

{We love this teeny tiny gingerbread house too from Hanielas. There is a DIY too that you don’t want to miss!}

Rustic Gingerbread house!

{This is such a lovely rustic take on gingerbread house decorations from Country Living. The pebble outside is too cute!}

Love te decorations on this gingerbread house!

{We love the pink decorated roof this this lovely gingerbread house from Den Gode Feen.}

This gingerbread house is amazing!

{We are gaga over the chocolate decorated gingerbread house from King Author! Yum!}

Adoring this Gingerbread House!

{Isn’t this gingerbread house so merry?! We are adoring the festive decorations on it and the Santa gingerbread man from Biscuiteers!}

Darling Gingerbread House!

{We love the simple yet lovely decorates of this gingerbread house from Tikkido. The frosted trees are such a nice touch!}

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