Turkey Shaped Dinner Rolls!

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Lovelies! We thought of a great idea last night and we just had to share it with you! Turkey Shaped Dinner Rolls! We originally saw cute little bunny rolls around Easter and thought, how cute would it be if it was a turkey! Turns out..it’s super cute! We found 5 super easy DIY tutorials for turkey rolls and they are done in different ways. There are large ones that can feed the whole table to small bite sized ones too. Almost all of them use crescent rolls or some other pre-made dough which makes it even easier! And delicious don’t to mention. (Who doesn’t love cresent rolls on Thanksgiving?!) Just wait until you see these seriously lovely Turkey shaped dinner rolls, you are definitely going to want them on your table this year!

Love the idea of Turkey dinner rolls!

{We love these stand up turkey rolls from Cook’n. The detail on them is exquisite! And there is a DIY tutorial too!}

Fun DIY Turkey shaped dinner rolls for Thanksgiving!

{Here is another cute turkey shaped roll from Amy’s Free Ideas. We love how fabulous the feathers look on this one!}

Easy turkey shaped rolls for Thanksgiving!

{You can also make little mini turkey shaped cresent rolls like these from Cook’n. The how to for these is so easy, there is no reason not to have them on your table this year!}

Lovely Turkey shaped dinner rolls! So cute

{This turkey roll is pretty amazing and it is pretzel flavored! Get the recipe from Rhodes Kids Baking!}

Turkey Shaped Rolls To Share With Everyone!

{Here is a large turkey dinner role from Rhodes Bread you can share with the whole table! We love the almond and walnut details to bring this turkey to life.}

Of course you can do cinnamon rolls too! Wouldn’t that be a treat on Thanksgiving Morning!?

Turkey shaped Cinnamon Rolls- What a breakfast treat for Thanksgiving

{Look how darling these turkey cinnamon rolls are from Pillsbury!}

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