Seriously Lovely Popsicle Party Ideas!

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Amazing Popsicle Party Ideas!- B. Lovely Events

Since we have already show you a few awesome popsicle party invitations, we wanted to show you how lovely a popsicle party can really be today! We have rounded up the very best popsicle party ideas from lovely decorations and awesome treats to throw an absolutely out of this world popsicle party this summer. There inflatable popsicle, popsicle banners and even popsicle pinatas! There are delicious popsicle treats too like popsicle rice crispies, popsicle cake pops,  and darling cupcakes with cute mini popsicle candies on them. Just wait until you see thepopsicle cakes! There are so many out of this world, lovely ideas you can do with popsicles and we are totally in love with these ones! Check out these popsicle party ideas filled with eye candy.

Let’s start with some decorations!

Love this popscile party decor!

{Kick off your popsicle party with some of these amazing inflatable popsicle decorations like these spotted on Oh Happy Day. What an easy DIY!}

LOVE this idea of a popsicle pinata!

{If those inflated popsicles weren’t cute enough, check out this giant popsicle pinata by Oh Happy Day too! SO much fun!}

Cute Popscile Party Decor Banner!

{We love this cute DIY popsicle pop banner from HWTM, especially with the streamers!}

Darling Popsicle Garland For A Party!

{Because you can’t get much better than pool noodle popsicle decorations! Look at how lovely these are from Oh Happy Day!}

Cute Popsicle Party Decorations

{We think these jumbo popsicle party outdoor decorations are too cute for any party from Owl Have A Cupcake!}

Popsicle Party Napkin Decor!

{ (napkins)

Adorable popsicle cupcake toppers!

{We adore these cuter than words popsicle cupcake toppers from A Forest Frolic!}

Now on to the treats!

Cute Popsicle Shooters For A popsicle Party!

{This is a perfect way to enjoy your pops without worrying about them dripping! Fabulous popsicle party idea from Party Pinching.}

Amazing Rice Crispy Popsicles!

{These popsicle rice crispy treats on Kara’s Party Ideas are a perfect bite for a popsicle party!}

Yes these popscile cupcakes are the best!

{We adore these cute little mini popsicle cupcake toppers from Sweetology 101. Pretty much the cutest thing ever!}

Love these popsicle cake pops!

{We are GAGA over these popsicle cake pops from My Cupcake Addiction and there is a how too as well!}

Love these little Popsicle treats!

{We would love to sink our teeth into these amazing popsicle cake pops at this fun summer party on HWTM.}

GAGA for this popsicle party cake!

{What could be better than a huge popsicle cake like this one on Cake Central! Especially if it is covered in dripping chocolate like this one!}

Super Cute Popsciale Party Cake!

{Look how lovey this popsicle cake is from Erica Obrien! We love all of the different popsicle designs on it and the colors are to die for!}

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