Let’s Have A Pineapple Party! {Decorations}

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We Adore These Pineapple Party Decorations! -B. Lovely Events

Pineapple week continues {which we are super excited about!} and today is all about seriously lovely pineapple party decorations. If you missed how awesome pineapples are for a party and 10 amazing invites you can do with them yesterday, check those out here. There is all sorts of pineapple party eye candy in this round up of decorations. Can you say pineapple pinata? We totally spotted a DIY one and are smitten for it! Pineapples can decorations by themselves or even spray painted any color for a more modern feel. You can also use pineapples as vases to hold all sorts of lovely blooms for a fresh take on centerpieces. We always have a soft spot for ceramic pineapple decorations but a new DIy take that is even cutest is turning jars into pineapples. This round up is filled with all sorts of pineapple party decoration idea and inspiration loveliness, we can’t wait for you to fall in love with these ideas!

Fun Pineapple Backdrop!

{We love this pineapple quoteable art as a darling backdrop or detail to a pineapple party on The Alison Show.}

Pineapple Wall decals. These are so cool!

{Of course these Pineapple wall decals are a must! They create such a fun detail and decoration for this theme. Get these from Ohongs Design Studio On Etsy!}

Adorably Cute Pineapple Party Decorations

{Oh my goodness, this cuteness has us on cloud 9! A mini pineapple made from a walnut!? Get out! Learn this DIY from Studio DIY.}

Gold ceramic pineapple decorations

{Of course there are tons of ceramic pineapples out there that make lovely  pineapple party decorations. We are especially in love with this white and gold one from Hodi Home Decor on Etsy.}

Party Like A Pineapple Pillow- Sweet!

{We ADORE this pineapple decorative pillow from Fancy It Pretty on Etsy. Totally rad in every way!}

Amazing Pineapple centerpieces

{We love these paper honeycomb pineapple centerpieces at this fun pineapple party on The Allison Show.}

Awesome Pineapple centerpiece

{Pineapples even work as vases! Check out this bright and colorful pineapple centerpiece we spotted on Pinterest.}

Lovely Gold Pineapple Decrotioans for A Pineapple Party!

{Gold painted pineapples are seriously lovely pineapple decorations and when you add in a little floral to them, like these on 100 Layer Cake, they are outstanding.}

Lovely and natural pineapple decoartions for a party!

{Of course you could put together a whole pineapple decorated table like this lovely one on Studio DIY!}

Adorable Gold Pineapple Garland!

{We are totally digging on this gold glitter pineapple garland from The TomKat Studio as a cute detail to your party!}

Cute Jar Pineapple Party Decorations

{We love these DIY pineapple jar decorations as an easy project but as darling detail from A Beautiful Mess.}

DIy Pineapple Pinata!

{We are totally gaga over this pineapple pinata! Studio DIY comes up with the most lovely things and this is a MUST for a pineapple party don’t you think?}


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