Day 3-Holiday Favorites- Melted Snowman

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Melted Snowman Ideas

It’s day 3 of our holiday favorites and this year we are totally in love with some adorable melted snowman wonderfulness! It must have been Olaf that started our love for melted snowmen but ever since then, there have been tons of melted snowman ideas we have been seeing that we are just head over heels for. Bet you didn’t know that melted snowmen could be done in so many ways, but there are tons of different ways to do them!  There are melted snowman cookies, treats, drinks and even ornaments. You snowmen can be happy, frightened, have personalities or just be melty themselves..there are so many cute ways to have them! We adore the idea of melted snowman hot coco this winter too. It’s one of our all time favorites! We are just so delighted by all of these melted snowmen ideas, we just can’t wait to show you this melty goodness.

 Adorable Melted Snowman cookies

{We love the Reese hats of these lovely melted snowman cookies on Better Homes And Gardens. Plus they are as cute as can be!}

This is such a friendly looking melted snowman cookie!

{Melted Snowman cookies can be happy like this one on Gallery Hip.}

Shocked melted snowman cookies

{Or they can look shocked like this snowman cookie on New Homes Decors.}

Darlng melted snowman cookies!

{Or you can have a mix of both like these darling little snowman cookies from Ralph And Co Confections.}

Some adorable melted snowman cookies

{Or you can dress them with lovely bow ties, scarfs and hats like these cute melty ones on The Advertiser.}

Love these melted snowman truffles

{They don’t even have to be cookies! They can be melted snowman truffles! We love this recipe from Cookies And Cups.}

Cute melted snowman oreo balls

{Or they can be snowman melted oreos like these darling ones from The Girl Who Ate Everything. We love their little hats.}

Melted Snowman popcorn- So Funny!

{We love this idea of melted snowman popcorn too on A Dash Of Sanity.}

Melted snowman drink station

{We also adore this idea on Catch My Party! Melted Snowman waters and a water station…so cute!}

Melted Snowman Coffee For Christmas

{Or you can have fun little snowman melted coffees like these on Sarasota Liquor Locker! These will really cheer people up..and you can spike them if you want to for a extra treat!}

Melted Snowman Hot Chocolate!

{We adore this idea of melted snowman hot coco for a lovely winter drink on Mom of 6.}

Cute melted Snowman ornament!

{They can even make their way into your Christmas tree. Check out these adorable melted snowman ornaments from It All Started With Paint!}

Such a cute melted snowman ornament!

{We adore this cute melty snowman ornament too! Get the DIY how to from Flexible Dreams.}

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