Day 1- Holiday Favorites- Sweater Mugs!

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Holiday Favorites- Sweater Mugs! - B. Lovely Events

This Christmas we are going to show you all of our holiday favorites, from Christmas party goodies to holiday wonderfulness and today is all about holiday wonderfulness with soft and cozy sweater mugs! If you haven’t noticed, sweaters are making their way into everything including the sweater candles that we showed you and now they have made their way into coffee cups and tea mugs! There is seriously nothing cuter that wrapping your favorite warm drink with a knitted cozy. Hot chocolate with a sweater mug? We couldn’t think of anything better! These are such a fun holiday treat that gives you mug a little style while keeping your favorite beverage warm and  cozy. Just wait until you see these designs. You’ll never want a plain cup again. Check out this round up of seriously lovely sweater mugs that will give you some serious holiday eye candy!  (P.S. wouldn’t these be adorable on a hot chocolate station??)

Sweater Tea Mugs & Tea Pot- So cute!

{We are head over heels for these blue sweater  tea mugs and tea pot. Such a cute set from Stash Tea.}

Yup this sweater mug is awesome!

{Doesn’t this sweater mug on Ravelry look so cozy? We love the cute little square button it!}

Adorale i heart tea sweater mug

{This is a perfect sweater for a tea mug! Get it from Knit Storm on Etsy.}

Oh my gosh this sweater mug is too cute!

{Oh my goodness, this mug is the cutest thing ever we spotted on Flickr. We love the little arms!}

Warm and cozy sweater mugs

{This red sweater mug just screams holidays from Sun Surfer.}

Oh my gosh this sweater mug is adorable!

{Aww here is another adorable sweater mug with arms! We love the green and pinks colors on this on on New Startups.}

Darling Christmas Sweater Mug

{We adore this Christmas sweater themed sweater mug on Firebox! So adorable!}

Love this white knitted sweater mug

{Yup, we just can’t enough of this lovely sweater mug we spotted on Ali Express!}

This Sweater mug looks nice and cozy

{We love the design of this red sweater wrapped perfect around this coffee cup! Get this cute tea cup cozy from The Wander Ewe on Etsy.}

Amazingly cute sweater Mug!

{We are head over heels for this gray knitted sweater mug from  Parris Chic Boutique.}

I love this sweater Mug!

{The design of this sweater cozy is so unique on Ravelry! We love the look it!}

Sweater mugs! What a great idea for the holidays!

{If you thought the other sweater mug designs were cute, just wait until you take a look at this one on 36th Avenue. Its amazing!}

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