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We have a lovely guest post today with some fabulous ideas DIY projects for Valentine’s day from Naomi Shaw. She shows you how to do 5 Valentine’s projects that we are just smitten for. Let’s get to it!

Love is in the Air: 5 Crafts for Valentine’s Day

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day with some clever and simple to create craft projects.

Whether you are looking for decorative accents to dress up your home or you are seeking a cute gift to give someone, these projects will certainly add a festive touch of fun, whimsy, and love for Valentine’s Day.


Gather a few basic supplies, call up some girlfriends, and enjoy a fun evening of chatting and creating some Valentine’s-themed accents.


Festive Votive Holders

DIY Valentine Candles


{Easy DIY Valentine’s Day votive candles from Real Simple.}

On Valentine’s Day, romance is the name of the game and what is more romantic than candlelight? With this craft, you can easily set the stage for romance this Valentine’s Day. To create these loved-filled votive holders, you’ll need:


  • Plain glass votive holders
  • Pieces of paper with a Valentine-theme (red, pink, hearts, etc)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Votive candles or tea lights


Wrap a piece of paper of your choice around the votive to get a measurement and cut the paper to fit the votive. Secure the paper to the votive with your double-sided tape. Once wrapped, place a candle inside and voila! You have a simple and lovely accessory for Valentine’s Day.


Hanging Hearts

 DIY Valentine Hearts

{DIY Valentine’s Day hanging hearts spotted on Shutterstock.}


Hang these hearts from anywhere in your home to add to the spirit of Valentine’s Day. You can even make some for every room! To make these hearts, you’ll need:


Decorative Valentine-themed paper (red, white, pink, hearts, polka dots, etc)

  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • A hole puncher
  • Ribbon


Draw hearts in various sizes on the paper and cut them out. Use the hole puncher to create a hold at the top of each heart. Cut a length of ribbon and string it through the holes in the hearts, tying a knot in the end to secure it in place. Wherever you choose to hang the hearts in your home, tie the ribbon around a secure area, such as a window valance. Hang several along the length of the valance, creating a curtain effect of hearts.

 Love Pillow

DIY Valentine Pillow

{DIY Valentine’s Day Pillow spotted on Shutterstock.}


Add a touch of love to your bed, a sofa, or a chair with your own homemade pillow. You’ll need:


  • A plain throw pillow
  • Fabric paint in red, pink, white or purple
  • Letter stencils
  • Foam paint brushes


Use the stencils to spell out the word ‘love’ on the pillow. Paint the letters onto the pillow using the foam paint brushes. To add even more interest, use a heart stencil to create hearts on the surface of the pillow around the word ‘love’.

 Conversation Heart Wreath


DIY Valentines Candy Wreath

{DIY Conversation Heart Wreath from Celebrations.}

 Use the quintessential Valentine’s Day candy – Conversation Hearts – to craft a fun and festive wreath. You’ll need:


  •  A foam wreath form
  • Hot glue
  • Conversation hearts


To create the wreath, simply use the hot glue to adhere the heart candies on to the surface of the wreath. You can attach them in a haphazard manner, or you can create a pattern – whatever suits your fancy.

 Heart Shaped Tea Bags

DIY Valentines Tea

{DIY Valentine’s Day Tea spotted on Shutterstock.}


If your loved ones are avid tea drinkers, then this craft is the perfect way to infuse some love into their drink. You can even personalize it however you like! All you need is the following:

  •  Red construction paper
  • A heart-shaped hole punch
  • A metallic pen
  • Tea bags
  • Double-sided tape


Begin by using your heart-shaped hole punch to cut out several hearts from the red paper – you’ll need two hearts for each bag of tea. Next, write a note of love on one or both of the hearts with your metallic pen. Finally, remove the original tea bag tag and apply two hearts to the end of the string with double-sided tape. Package them up in a creative container and present them to your favorite tea drinker.


No matter which craft you choose to make for Valentine’s Day, doing it with love is all that matters. Spark feelings of romance in your home or present your loved ones with simple, but heartfelt crafts. With these simple and budget-friendly craft ideas, you will share the message of love with ease this coming Valentine’s Day.


Naomi Shaw is a freelance writer in Southern California. Valentine’s Day is one of her favorite holidays and she loves how simple it is to create meaningful crafts for her home and loved ones.

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