Christmas Countdown Day 11: Reindeer Desserts!

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Lovelies, our Christmas countdown continues today with reindeer desserts! Santa just can’t deliver all of his presents unless he has his eight reindeer to take him around the world so that makes them a very big part of the festivities. We love reindeer because they can either be very whimsical and cute or extremely elegant and sophisticated. We aren’t sure if there are too many animals out there that can pull that off but they definitely can! Every year for the holidays tons of lovely Christmas treats make their way in the hands of  of some many and this year reindeer desserts need to be part of that! You can’t get any better than a big red nose or antlers made up of chocolate over pretzels. There are tons of ideas you can do and we have rounded up our favorites. Cookies, cupcakes, macrons, rice cripies, you name it, a reindeer would look cute on it! Like so many of our dessert round ups, this one is filled with tons of DIY ideas and inspiration. A lot of these lovely reindeer desserts even come with recipes so many sure you click the link below the photo you love to get it.

Lovely reindeer cookies!

{These are definitely the loveliest reindeer cookies we have seen! We adore the black and white stripes and the sparkly boarder on Better Homes and Gardens.}

The reindeer cookies are too cute!

{These are the easiest reindeer cookies yet are super cute. They are just sugar cookies with some icing! Spotted these on Dinx and Gracie.}

Reindeer macarons for Christmas

{Macrons are definitely on our favorite dessert list and these reindeer ones are to die for.  Get the DIY recipe from Candiquik.}

Love these Reindeer cupcakes!

{These Reindeer cupcakes are too darling on NY Daily News! We love the chocolate leaf antlers. They work perfectly!}

Reindeer cake pops

{You can’t have dessert without a few cake pops thrown and these reindeer cake pops are adorable for Christmas from Bakerella.}

Cute reindeer cookies

{These DIY reindeer cookies are so easy to make yet are the cutest ever! They are just heart shaped cookies with a few edible details and voila! Spotted these on Cute Food For Kids.}

These reindeer rice crispie treats are lovely!

{Mmm doesn’t chocolate Rice Kripies treats just sounds fabulous on a cold winter day? Top them with reindeer and you have these beauties! Get the DIY recipe on Moms Need To Know.}

Reindeer rice crispie trest with cute red nose!

{Speaking of Rice Krispies, looks at these little cuties from Rice Krispies. Little reindeer are perfect for a Christmas treat!}

reindeer cookies with red noses!

{These reindeer peanut butter cookies look so cute with their big red noses. Get the DIY recipe on Ladies Home Journal.}

Peanut butter Reindeer cookies with Chocolate ears-perfect right!

{These are by far our favorite reindeer desserts yet! Their little chocolate ears are too lovely and the face that they are peanut butter cookies make them that much better! Get the DIY recipe on Budding Baketress.}

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