Our Tops Are Spinning For These Dreidels!

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Dreidels are just as much a part of Hanukkah as menorahs are and today we have rounded up some seriously lovely ideas and inspiration with them! Once started as a spinning top gambling game, dreidels have turned into an icon of Hanukkah and have been popping in every part of the celebration. We have seen these adorably shaped details popping up in invitations, desserts, decorations and more. We love that anything and everything can be shaped of topped with a dreidel. Glitter and rainbow sprinkles are really popular this year and you bet your bottom dollar that look fabulous on dreidels too! We can’t wait to show you all of these modern, unique and super creative dreidel ideas that are 100% DIY. Look out for the tutorial link under each photo. Let’s get to this eye candy!

Sparkly Dreidel cards for Hanukkah!

{Let’s start out with these seriously lovely & sparkly dreidel cards on Martha Stewart that you can totally DIY!}

Super cute rainbow sprinkle dreidels!

{Who says gingerbread has to just be for Christmas, they make wonderful Hanukkah dreidel cookies too! Get the DIY recipe from Couldn’t Be Parve.}

Dreidel cupcakes!

{We are smitten for these dreidel topped cupcakes. The light blue and silver look really lovely here on Party Pinching!}

Mini Dreidel cakes for Hanukkah!

{Dreidel mini cakes are a super cute detail you can add to your desserts this year like these ones! Get this DIY recipe from Family Corner.}

Rainbow sprinkle dreidel cookies

{Oh my goodness we are in love with these rainbow sprinkle cookies and the pretty packaging for Hanukkah on My Own Labels. There is a DIY for the cookies too!}

free DIY dreidel printable

{Yup these modern dreidels are a FREE PRINTABLE from The Party Dress! They make perfect favors and table setting and home decorations.} 

dreidel napkin rings

{Any Hanukkah table would look absolutely lovely with these dreidel napkin rings we spotted on Leslie Fine Interiors from Pottery Barn!}

Hanukkah dreidel garland

{This is love dreidel garland to decorate just about anything! Get the DIY From HGTV.}

Dreidel Marshmallow pops

{Aren’t these the cutest marshmallow pops from Martha Stewart?! It is an easy DIY project too!}

hannukah dreidel cake

{We adore this seriously lovely dreidel cake! The colors are just phenomenal. Learn how to make it on Betty Crocker!}


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