You’ll Die For These Ghost Foods And Treats!

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Boo! We don’t want you do be scared Lovelies but we are talking about ghosts today.  Ok, ok you caught us! Not the kind of spirit of the past ghosts, but ghost foods and treats no less and we cannot wait to show you these ideas. We just wanted to give you a little trick before we show you all of these awesome ghost foods and treats! With lovely ideas like ghost pizzas, ghosts cakes and cookies too, you cannot go wrong with these ghoulish delectable.  What we love about ghost treats is you can make them as scary or as friendly as you want. Who doesn’t love a smiling ghost?! Yet a spooky one is just as fun. We have rounded up the best ghost foods and treats on the web with ideas and inspiration that are super easy DIY projects and recipes for you to create on the 31st!

Ghost nutter butters!

{We are always amazing on how many ways to use nutter butters and these ghost dessert cookies are no exception! Get the DIY recipe from Tablespoon.}

I LOVE these ghost cake pops

{Oh my goodness, we are dying over how adorable these ghost cake pops are from Bakerella!}

Awesome Ghost Party food

{We are totally smitten for these ghost dessert pears on Lush Home! Aren’t they just phenomenal?}

Ghost banana pops

{Ghost banana pops? Get out of town! Learn how to make these adorable treats from Skinny Taste.}

Yes! make this awesome ghost pizza

{If you love pizza you will adore this ghost pizza on Halloween! Isn’t it too lovely? Get the DIY Recipe from My Recipes.}

Adorable Ghost treats

{We have never seen such cute treats like these egg roll ghost desserts from Hungry Happenings!}

Super cute DIY ghost cookies

{These graham cracker ghosts are just outstanding and definitely worth gobbling up! Get the DIY recipe from Bright Ideas.}

Ghost Party Drinks

{These are the cutest little Halloween ghost drinks ever! Wouldn’t they go perfectly as milk and cookies? Spotted these on Thrifty Ninja.}

Ghost Chips and Dip

{We are IN LOVE with this platter of ghost chips and dip we spotted on Love It So Much!

Oh  my goodness I love these ghost cookies

{We definitely have a soft spot for marshmallows and these ghosts from are no exception!}

Boo! Ghost cake

{Saved the best part for last! Couldn’t you just dive your fork right into this chocolate ghost same on Lemon Sugar?!}

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