Bats And Vampires, Oh My!

We have some more spooky ideas for you today and we venture into inspiration all about bats and vampires! Stick again with one of the classic characters of Halloween, you cannot go wrong with a vampire themed party. Vampire dinner party anyone? Sounds lovely! With details like fang teeth, blood and  a fabulous color palette of red and black to work with, who doesn’t love a vampire party?! Bats and Vampires can make these way into just about anything too. We are talking  cocktails, punches, soups, desserts, and decorations of course! We love how easy these ideas can be to pull off too.  Transform any bottle into a batty vampire bottle with custom labels or make drinks and place settings more spooky with vampire fangs. You will see exactly what we mean with today’s  bat and vampire eye candy!

Who wouldn't LOVE these vampie cocktails for Halloween

{We HAD to start this vampire themed post off with this FABULOUS Vampire martini. We are just gushing over this from Cooking With Sugar!}

Love these vampire place settings

{We are IN LOVE with this vampire place setting on Food Network. It  makes such a statement yet is so easy to put together!}

Halloween Vampire Table Setting Vampire drinks

{We are seriously gaga over this vampie dinner party on Pizzazzerie! There are soo many lovely details from the sopoky vampire sign to the blood cupcakes and oozy red drinks. You definitely have to check this whole party out!}

Vampire bat soup!

{These vampire bats are the perfect topping for this pumpkin soup! Get the DIY recipe from Suzie The Foodie.}

Red Vampire themed bottles

{We love the bats and vampires theme of these Halloween drink bottle labels from All You. They are super lovely and you can make these  spooky red drinks from anything with red food coloring!}

Halloween Bat Bites

{Everyone will be batty over these fantastic Halloween bat bits! Get the DIY recipe from My Recipes.}

Vampire Twilight party food

{These type O licorice snacks or favors are PERFECT for a bats and vampires theme! Darling right? Spotted these on Cupcakes and Eggplant.}

Vampire Halloween Cookies

{How Lovely are these bats and vampire cookies from Cookie Decorating. They would be amazing for any Halloween party.}

Rice Crispie Treat bats! What A cute treat!

{We always love any type of rice crispie treat and these bats are just lovely and super easy to make! Get the DIY recipe from Recipe Generator.}

Love these bat wall decorations!

{We are smitten for this bat wall! You could do this lovely idea on almost anything from doors to walls, even mantles! Spotted this idea from Made.}

Vampire Punch

{Ohhh don’t these vampire drinks look soo eerie, yet this recipe looks delightful! Get the how to recipe from Drink Of The Week.}

DIY Vampire Bat Balloon decorations for Halloween!

{We love how cute this vampire bat balloon decoration is! Would look just perfect just about anywhere. Get the DIY from Spoonful.}

Love these vampie cupcakes

{We are adoring these too cute for words vampire cupcakes. Spotted these on Crooked Sister!}

Halloween Bat cake

{We have never see such a lovely bat cake before! We can’t believe it is DIY either. Get the how to from One Charming Party.}

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