Guest Post: Healthy Alternatives For Birthday Parties

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Lovelies we have a wonderful guest post for you from Party Pail! While birthday parties are so much fun with fun treats sometimes it can just be too much sugar and sweets. Well the great news is there are tons of healthy alternatives out there and Party Pail has rounded up their favorites. Let’s get to it!

Healthy Alternatives For Birthday Parties

Let’s face it: you’d rather not load up a bunch of kids with crazy amounts of sugar for this upcoming birthday party. If you’ve ever done this, bravo to you! The times I threw birthday parties, by the end of the night I was wanting nothing more than to just go to bed and leave someone else to deal with the craziness and mess.

However, little did I know, there were actual healthy food choices to make and serve at birthday parties that the kids would actually eat. These options will still be just as yummy as the original cupcake or ice cream! Serve these delicious items with your cute birthday party supplies that everyone needs for their party. Party supplies help tie the rest of the party together, especially if you have a certain theme you’re playing with. These healthy snacks will go great with any theme you have, and will look absolutely delicious.

Berries with fresh whipped cream. Using a clear small Dixie cup, fill it half way with whichever berry fruit you prefer: strawberries, blackberries, etc. Add a dollop of fresh whip cream, and there you have it! Have these setting out so people can come and go as they please. Or get or make a lovely strawberry pie like this one!

Berries and Whipped Cream Pie

{Berry Pie Healthy Alternative From Sam Dogs On Flickr}


Fruit Kabobs with Yogurt Dipping. Pick all of your child’s favorite fruits: bananas, strawberries, pineapple, apples, etc. Create kabobs using these fruit, and have different flavors of yogurt to dip in! Think berry, vanilla, lemon, etc.

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

{Fruit Kabobo Healthy Alternative From Tablespoon.}

Angel Food Cake. Instead of opting out for the usual ice cream cake (although delicious), another cake to choose is the angel food cake—which is just as absolutely delicious. Pair it up with berries and whip cream for an extra special touch.

Apple Fondue.  This looks super scrumptious, and is incredibly easy to make. Slice up some applies, and create a yogurt fondue. Pick whichever yogurt flavor you like (personally I think vanilla is the best for this), mix it with a touch of cinnamon, add as much whipped cream as you’d like, and voila: a fondue to dip your applies with! To add a special touch, top with sprinkles.

Apple and Yogurt Dip

{Apple & Yogurt Fondue Healthy Alternative From Tablespoon.}

With any of these healthy alternatives on display at the next birthday party you throw, you’ll be sure to have happy kids, and happy parents. Even though they are healthier options, they are still has mouthwatering and delicious as the last cupcake you ate—but with better side effects.  Happy Party!

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