Doggie Birthday Cakes!

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Today we have more doggie cuteness lovelies! As if dog bone cookies and cupcakes weren’t cute enough, today we have cakes! Dog shaped cakes, bone shaped cakes, cakes with dog bones covering them…too much loveliness! We even threw a few pictures of dogs eating cakes just for the pure cuteness of it. Nothing beats a dog smacking their lips right before eating a eat made especially for them. Let’s not forget that these fabulous cakes can be for a human or a dog on their birthday…well the ones without dog treats on them anyway : ). Young or old these cakes are perfect for anyone on their birthday. Let’s get to this dog  birthday cake eye candy cuteness!

 This is the cutest dog birthday picture!

{Ok we are IN LOVE with this dog birthday photo on The Fun Times Guide and had to start today’s round up with it. Such as cute dog princess eating her birthday cake!}

Dog biscuit cake for their birthday

{This doggie birthday cake made of dog treats is the perfect delight for your pooch! You can buy this cake from  Happy Tiers by Allison on Etsy!}

Tennis ball dog birthday cake

{Dogs love their tennis balls and they will love this tennis ball cake too! Get this cake from Working Dog Bakery!!}

Cute dog and cat birthday party cakes!

{We adore these cat and dog bowl birthday cakes on Chickabug! The dog and cat cookies are super cute too.}

Shaggy brown dog birthday cake!

{See this is exactly what we are talking about! This dog cake would be LOVELY for a Human or Dog  Birthday! We just LOVE this cute little shaggy dog cake and her little doggie bowl from Divine Cake Company.}

Dog bone birthday cake

{Such a darling dog bone birthday cake! Love the little paws all over it and the lovely writing. Spotted this on Cake Picture Gallery.}

Bone Biscuit covered Dog birthday cake

{This doggie birthday cake is seriosuly lovely.Super simple to make but darling in the end. The cake bunting is our favorite! Spotted this lovely cake on Keeping My Cents.}

custom dog birthday cake-love the picture on it!

{This is SUCH a lovely idea to have the custom dog face on the birthday cake. Human or furry friend, this doggie birthday cake is adorable! Spotted this on Cookies, Cupcakes and Cards on Flickr.}

Cute Dog Birthday cake!

{Awww look at this puppy’s little tongue! This is a GREAT idea for a doggie birthday cake to have a cute little doggie face. Get the Step By Step guide to making this dog cake on Step By Step.}

cute homemade dog birthday cake

{Super cute homemade doggie birthday cake from Vicky Barone. The set up with the doggie pictures in the background is just too lovely!}

Towel and toys dog birthday cake

{This dog birthday cake made out of dog toys and towels is SUPER adorable! Perfect alternative to a real cake. But this dog birthday cake from Laura’s Craft.}

Cute DIY Organic Dog Birthday Cake

{Dogs will wag their furry tails for this organic birthday cake covered in treats. Our hearts are melting for this doggie digging into this cake! Get the recipe and DIY tutorial from Jenn Pet Vet Blog.}

Dog Birthday Cupcakes

{Had to save the best for last!  Oh My goodness we are COMPLETELY SMITTEN for this dog in his birthday gear with his cute little birthday cupcake! Spotted this on You Queen with 3 of the best dog birthday cake recipes.}

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pet cakes from my blog! They were made by an amazing mom named Betsy who wanted to throw her kids a dog and cat themed party. She did a great job and I’m glad more people get to see her handiwork. Thank you! : )

  2. They are sooo cute! I am glad more people can see them too!

  3. Love how the dogs are enjoying the cakes!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring our Cooper Dog cake!! We LOVE this collection and we’re so excited to be following your blog now!

  5. Thank you for featuring my dog party for my fur baby, Ginger. My kids and I had a blast doing it. So much that we threw another dog party for our friend’s Weimaraner, lol. Here are some other pictures if anyone is interested.

    Thanks again!

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my “doggie birthday cake”! I create them because I love to make them, and it makes me so happy to know that others like them, too!

  7. Cool. I always forget to do the cake thing on my dogs birthday. It’s so funny to watch though

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