Pancakes, Pancakes & Pancakes!!

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We can’t think of anything better to celebrate a long weekend than with pancakes and that is exactly what our lovely round up is about today. Nothing beats a stack of hot fluffy cakes with melted butter and syrup on top. MMM good! Pancakes have been making their wonderful way onto the brunch scene for many years and we are just smitten for them. From all of the toppings you can top them with, to the shapes and sizes you can serve, we think pancakes are the absolute best breakfast item. We love pancake bars for all events! Birthdays to showers, to holiday treats, pancakes can definitely make their way to any celebration scene. We have saved the best for last on our brunch week and we can’t wait to show you this  pancake eye candy. Just wait until you see the mini pancake skewers!!

 Love this pancake bar

{We love this pancake brunch!! A cute polka dotted linen with lovely white square serving dishes with amazing toppings for pancakes like strawberries and chocolate chips can’t be beat! Spotted this on Happy Pinning’s Tumblr.}

Love this rooftop vintage wedding pancake bar!

{Look at this lovely pancake bar on Green Wedding Shoes. The vintage look is just marvelous with the gold distressed chalkboard menus along side the best gourmet toppings ever!}

Heart pancakes and strawberry skewers for brunch

{Oh My Goodness! You can’t get better than mini pancake skewers, especially if they are heart shaped! Spotted this on Design Loves Detail.}

Super cute stack of pancakes for a brunch

{This is a lovely way to serve pancakes at a brunch. Little stacks for everyone! The name flags are the perfect topping from these pancakes from Design Sponge.}

This is perfect for a pancake brunch

{A perfect stack of six pancakes with a dollop of honey! It can’t get more perfect than this pancake brunch on The Sweetest Occasion.}

Berries and cream pancake skewers for brunch

{We just ADORE these pancake skewers with the tied blue ribbon on top on Power of Family Meals!}

Build your own pancake bar for brunch

{We think this is just the perfect pancake brunch set up. Lovely plates, golden brown pancakes and plates full of fabulous toppings! Spotted this on Vans Foods.}

Cute Mini Pancake skewers for a brunch

{Mini pancake skewers get even cuter with raspberries and blueberries on top like these one on Take A Mega Bite!}

Mini pancake skewers with blueberries, adorable!

{Ok maybe mini pancake skewers can get even lovelier with blueberries, mint AND syrup on top like these on Pin Cookie.}

Love this pancake bar with regular & red velvet pancakes

{Just look at this pancake brunch. The slabs of wood are a perfect display with these lovely regular & red velvet  pancakes. It gets better…you can buy this pancake brunch and everything you see here on Your Cloud Parade!}

Mini pancake skewers for a brunch-love this!

{These mini pancake skewers are the absolute best! Stacked with strawberries, blueberries and bananas, these seriously lovely skewers even come with dips. We love this idea for a brunch on Chobani!}

Super cute layout at this pancake bar

{This build your own pancake bar is lovely! Everyone will love all of these choices of toppings.  Spotted this on Michelle’s Pinterest.}

Pancakes and strawberries, a perfect combination!

{We just had to get one more super cute mini pancake picture in here. We love the idea of serving  plates of pancake skewers like this at a brunch! Saw this on Minnesota Baby.}

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  1. This is one mouth watering round up, if we do say so ourselves. Thanks so much for including our recipe, and we hope y’all had a great holiday weekend!


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