Weddings & Ice Cream-A Match Made In Heaven!

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Happy Wedding Weekend Lovelies! We love ice cream and were super inspired by our ice cream party post yesterday that we had to show how wonderful ice cream at a wedding can be. Weddings are already amazing but weddings with ice cream are BEYOND lovely! What could be better on a beautiful sunny day, celebrating your big day with a yummy cold treat?  If you want a simply way to serve ice cream at your wedding, we love the ice of just serving cake and ice cream. Everyone loves that combo. You could also have a lovely make your own sundae station like the ones we showed you yesterday. Want an idea more out of the box and creative? There are tons! You could do ice cream cone displays, passed ice cream cones, ice cream cakes, even ice cream food trucks! We will show you exactly what we mean with this round up of the best ice cream wedding ideas!

wedding ice cream truck-love the pink stripes!

{Look at how cute this ice cream wedding food truck is we spotted on Pinterest. The pink stripes are just too adorable! This is perfect for a vintage wedding.}

Custom Ice Cream for your wedding-awesome!

{Love these ice cream cups with custom wedding ice cream cookie toppers that say your names and wedding date seen on Alex In Wanderland. Nothing is more sweeter!}

Ice cream display at wedding

{Ice cream cones displays are one of our favorite ideas for a wedding. Especially if they are mini like these ones! Spotted this on Intimate Weddings.}

Ice Cream Wedding Cuteness. First Bite for The Bride and Groom

{This is the bride and grooms first bite instead of cutting the cake! We thought of this lovely idea from one of our planned summer weddings. Photography from Matthew Staffens.}

Love this idea of passed ice cream cones at a wedding, especially waffle cones!

{Passed ice cream cones are also a fabulous idea for your guests after dinner. Serving ice cream in waffle cones is an exceptional idea too! Saw this on Dulce And Dapper.}

mini passed ice cream cones-love the gold wrappers

{Speaking of passed ice cream, we ADORE this idea of passing mini ice cream cones wrapped in custom wrappers like these lovely gold ones we saw on Studio Wed.}

Wedding Ice Cream Cart-how cute is this

{A cute little ice cream food cart is also a FABULOUS idea that we spotted on Red Velvet Occasions. That way everyone can get ice cream when they want it and choose their favorite flavor.}

Love these little mini ice cream cones displayed in test tube holders

{Love these little ice cream cones displayed in test tube holders. Display these on each table after dinner so guests can choose which ice cream flavor they want. Spotted this on Off The Spork.}

Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream wedding cake-love this!

{Oh My Goodness is this now the cutest ice cream cake? It is made up of mini Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream cartons! Spotted this on Hannah’s Blog.}

Custom Ice cream bowls for your wedding-such a cute ring picture too!

{Could these wedding ice cream cups be any lovelier? We adore the custom ice cream cup idea and this wedding ring shot is out of this world amazing. Spotted this on After Yes.}

Wedding Ice Cream Cake-OMG How Lovely

{This ice cream cake leaves us breathless on photographer Helena Junggren Blog. Wow! What a great wedding cake alternative and lovely way to incorporate ice cream into your big day.}

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  1. Yummy! Ice creams look amazing! x

  2. Weddings + ice cream is definitely a match made in heaven! So sweet and lovely. (BTW loving the new blog design!)

  3. Seriously considering having an icecream buffet at our wedding! 🙂


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