The Glorious Red, White and Blue-For Cake!

As our 4th of July posts keep progressing, we keep getting more and more excited with each idea. Todays? The good ol’ patriotic red, white and blue…but with cake! Can it get any better?! We are in awe of how amazing these cakes look but are sooo happy that they all come with DIY tutorials so you too can make these lovely desserts for your 4th. It doesn’t get any better than the stars and strips showing off their colors in a cake, especially for 4th of July so let’s get to it!

DIY red white and blue american flag cake

{Amazing right? I love the little white candy sprinkles for stars too! Get this DIY recipe cake from Betty Crocker}

DIY Red White and blue layed cake for 4th of July

{Everything is perfectly patriotic about this cake. From the red white and blue layers to the berries on top! Get this DIY recipe from Unusual 2 Tasty}

DIY red white and blue bundt cake for the 4th!

{The red, white and blue icing to the inside, this bundt cake is amazing! DIY tutorial by Betty Crocker}

DIY Red white and blue ice cream cake

{ou had me at Ice cream cake. How delectable does this cake look from Gourmet? Can’t believe that this is a DIY Recipe}

Cute as a button DIY american flag cake

{How cute is this american flag cake!? I especially love the bunting on top! Get the DIY Recipe from Glorious Treats}

DIY Red white and blue surprise jello cake

{How cute is this red white and blue cake? I love the jello jigglers inside! Get this DIY recipe from Diamonds for Dessert}

DIY red white and blue velvet cake for 4th of  July

{Red white and blue velvet cake?! I am all in on that! Get this lovely DIY recipe from Cooking Channel}

DIY American Flag cake for 4th of July

{Love love love this american flag cake. It is soo cool! get this DIY recipe from With Sprinkles On Top}

Fun and whimical DIY red white and blue cake

{This is just red, white and blue cake fun! The frosting and sprinkles on top are my favorite! Get this DIY Recipe from Recipe Girl}

Huge DIY Stars and stripes american flag cake for the 4th!

{Adore this HUGE red, white and blue cake! It is sooo perfect! Get this DIY recipe from Sugary Winzy}

{And even better, add in more star sprinkles and you get something like this lovely thing}

DIY flag cake for the 4th

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