April Fools!

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Happy April Fools Lovelies! Although I am not a prankster myself, I have found tons of April fools ideas out there today that are just too funny. My favorite are the food ones. What better way to get someone on April fools than mess with their food? I am not talking about disgusting things by any means but having them think it’s one thing and it be another! Sweetest part about these pranks? They usually end up being treats anyway. You’ll see what I mean ; )

Just check out this April fools A&W box. Totally looks real except it is all Rice Krispie, pound cake and tootsie Rolls. Just a too cute project by Jo and Sue.

April fools day dinner

What about this gag April Fools Day lunch which has un Ziplock bags, carrots as chips and a worm in the apple. Kids would love this April Fools by Spoonful.


Mini breakfast? Even funnier if it was as a breakfast for dinner! Idea by Martha Stewart

April fools day ideas

Bread and Jam french fries? A great and healthy trick for your youngsters by Kiboomu Kid songs


Whatever you decide to do today make it fun!

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