Mardi Gras Wreaths

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Hello Lovies! Sorry for the delay in posts. I would try to explain why but it is a long confusing story so here we are! As I was unable to post for the last 2 days I am going to wrap those posts all into today and where were we when I left off? Mardi Gras!

When I went to Mardi Gras a couple of years ago, there were huge wreaths adorning the doors. The Bigger the Better… Honestly! Think Christmas wreath but brighter, more wild and on everyone’s door. What better way to show people you are celebrating than hanging a huge wreath on your door?! I wanted you all to get a chance to join in the fun so I found this tutorial for an Mardi Gras ornament wreath on Deep Fried Kudzu.

Looks like this fabulousness

mardi gras ornament wreath

Now if making wreaths is not your thing and you simple like looking at all of the creative designs, I gotcha covered too 😉

Here are my Favorites.  There are so many different kinds, I love it.

Bead Wreath 

Mardi Grad Bead Wreath

Photo Source and Tutorial by Sew In Love

Boa Wreath

Boa Mardi Gras Wreath

Photo by Post Teenage Living

Big and Bold Wreath

Mardi gras wreath

Photo Source: Pinterest 

Mask Wreath

mask wreath for Mardi Gras

You can buy this at  Doornaments

Huge Mesh  Wreath

huge mesh Mardi Gras wreath

Made by Atomic Renovation on Etsy 

Big Ornament Wreath

Big Oranament Wreath

Made by Southern Wreath Design on Etsy

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