A New Inspiring Party Site- Paarteez.com!

Lovelies! Today is all about parties. What day isn’t!? We wanted to tell you about a new party site from Paarteez.com. We know you love parties, and with Paarteez.com you can search 1000’s of party ideas to your hearts desire! Paarteez.com is a platform for exchanging party ideas, motivating others to host successful parties and get…

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Trend Alert! Iridescent Holographic Parties!

Lovelies, there is a trend coming into the party scene (and really everything to be honest) and it’s all about iridescent and holographic details! Iridescent holographic parties are the coolest and loveliest thing you have ever seen. With the popularity of Unicorn and Mermaid parties and all the iridescent holographic details that go along with it,…

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10 Party Trends You Don’t Want To Miss in 2016!

Hey Lovelies! Have you noticed lately there are like a ton of amazing party trends going on right now? From pineapples to flamingos, cactus to emojis, there lovely little trends are popping up all over the place. We are totally loving all of these party trends! We have a special treat for you because you…

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New Nautical Cupcake Wrappers In The Shop!

Hey Lovelies! We have just launched a new theme of nautical cupcake wrappers in the shop. We are loving the gold and navy look of these wrappers. There are some really lovely designs and patterns with this nautical cupcake wrapper line like Gold whales, gold anchors and gold sea shells. There are some pretty cute mini whale…

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Trend Alert: Balloons With Words!

Trend Alert! Trend Alert! Lovelies, we have been seeing a trend pop up lately all over the place and we wanted keep you in the loop! Balloons! Balloons are popping up all over the place and we aren’t just talking about any old balloons, we are talking about balloons with words! Yes balloons have stepped…

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Sprinkle Rims & Sprinkle Drinks, OH My!

We are celebrating this week for our 3rd birthday and couldn’t think of anything better for this weekend than sprinkle drinks! We have rounded up some LOVELY sprinkle party ideas this week and these sprinkle drinks are by far some of our favorites. There is just something festive and fun about sprinkle rims that take…

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Sprinkle Party Decor

We are still celebrating our 3rd birthday with all sort of sprinkle ideas and inspirations for you Lovelies and today is all about sprinkle party decor!  There are so many cute and fun ways to decorate with sprinkles! First off, the DIY you can do with sprinkles is endless! They literally can go on anything…

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New Cupcake Wrappers In The Shop!

Hey Lovelies! We have been working all weekend to get some new cupcake wrappers in the B. Lovely Events Shop and we are totally loving these new styles! New Cupcake Wrappers In The Shop! was last modified: February 18th, 2016 by Emily Miller

Make Your Own Trail Mix Bars!

Brunch week continues and today we are going a little more rustic with some make you own trail mix bars! We absolutely love build your own trail mix bars and they are taking the party scene by storm. Make Your Own Trail Mix Bars! was last modified: November 12th, 2014 by Emily Miller

Mini Chicken And Waffles {Brunch Foods That Rock}

We might as well call this mini week because we have another lovely mini brunch idea for you today and this one will blow your socks off…mini chicken and waffles! Mini Chicken And Waffles {Brunch Foods That Rock} was last modified: November 12th, 2014 by Emily Miller

Mini Doughnuts! {Brunch Foods That Rock}

Brunch week continues and we loved our round up of mini pancakes yesterday that we just had to continue the mini trend today with mini doughnuts! Mini Doughnuts! {Brunch Foods That Rock} was last modified: November 12th, 2014 by Emily Miller

Mini Pancake Stacks {Brunch Foods That Rock}!

Lovelies! This week is all about brunch ideas and today is one of our very favorite ideas, mini pancake stacks! There is something about mini foods that we just love and if they are pancakes they are even better! Mini pancake stacks are simple to do, yet there are so many ways to do them….

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Pancakes, Pancakes & Pancakes!!

We can’t think of anything better to celebrate a long weekend than with pancakes and that is exactly what our lovely round up is about today. Nothing beats a stack of hot fluffy cakes with melted butter and syrup on top. MMM good! Pancakes have been making their wonderful way onto the brunch scene for many…

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Waffle Bars & Waffle Cakes-Yes Please!

Lovelies, today we have one of my favorite breakfast treats…waffles! Fluffy, soft scrumptious treats that everyone loves to each. What else holds all of the wonderful toppings like whipped cream, chocolate chips and strawberries so well like waffles can. There are so many ways you can have make your waffle bar lovely, starting with the…

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It’s A Doughnut Bar!

Happy Monday Lovelies! The beginning of this week marks the beginning this weeks theme….brunch! We adore brunches because they can be the theme at literally any occasion. They work day or night and have some of the most delicious treats. As if pancakes, french toast, doughnuts, coffee and fruit aren’t already amazing on their own,…

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