Day 2-Holiday Favorites- Pretzel Reindeer

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Reindeer Treats with Pretzels

It’s day 2 our our holiday favorites and today is all about pretzel reindeer! We have been seeing these delicious reindeer treats popping up everywhere this year and we just love them! There are so many treats and desserts that are pretzel reindeer too. Cookies, cupcakes, sandwiches appetizers…all you need is some pretzels, red noses and some creativity and presto, Christmas reindeer treats in seconds! Pretzel reindeer treats are so adorable and prefect for a yummy little snack or on abuffet at your Christmas party this year. Just wait until you see the wedge cheer reindeer idea…love it! All of these ideas are DIY too. Just click the link below your favorite pic and it will take you right to the recipe. Let’s get to these tiny little pretzel reindeer treats!

Reindeer paws and noses- Super cute & easy with pretzels

{Check out these amazing DIY reindeer paws and noses made with pretzels & rolos! Get the recipe from Complete Recipes.}

DIY Pretzel reindeer

{If you loved the last recipie, this one takes it s step further with adding little pretzel reindeer horns! Get the DIY hot to from Lil Luna.}

Cute Chocolate covered oreo reindeer pop

{These little reindeer oreo pops are adorable with their little pretzel horns. get the recipe from Easy Baked.}

DIY Cheese triangle reindeer

{We love this idea of little reindeer cheese treats that are super easy to make! Get the DIY recipe from Project Denneler.}

Easy and cute reindeer cookies

{Chocolate covered pretzels add a special touch to these reindeer cookies on}

Easy DIy Reindeer DOughnuts

{We adore these pretzel horned chocolate covered doughnuts from Love From The Oven.}

Peanut Butter reindeer cookies with Pretzels

{Mmmm these peanut butter cookies with chocolate covered pretzel horns on Budding Bakeress.}

Yummy Reindeer sandwiches

{Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches look amazing as reindeer and they are so easy just by adding some pretzels to them! Get the recipe from Skinny Mom.}

Love these reindeer cookies with cute little pretzel horns

{These reindeer cookies are adorable with their gumdrop noses and pretzel horns on Two Tiny Kitchens.}

OMG this reindeer cupcake is adorbs

{We adore these pretzel reindeer cupcakes from Crafty Morning! }

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