Candy Corn Martinis- Yum!

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Candy Corn Martinis!

Candy corn week continues and today is all about candy corn drinks. Candy corn doesn’t get any better then when they are in mixed in drinks and we have super special boozy candy corn martinis for you today that will definitely spice up your Halloween night! We were floored when we saw all of the different ways to make a candy corn martini. From the fun sugared rims, to the glasses they are in to the ingredients themselves, there are so many different ways to whip up candy corn martinis! Some of the most delectable ones are made with candy corn infused vodka which just sounds like it would be out of this world. There are some others that are made with whipped cream vodka which also sounds amazing. We have rounded up our absolute favorite candy corn martinis and the best part is they all come with recipes. Be sure to click on the link below your favorites to see how to make it!

Yummy Vanilla Candy Corn Martini

{These candy corn martinis look fabulous! Get the yummy recipe on Bite Me More!}

Halloween Candy Corn martini!

{We love that this martini actually looks like a candy corn and is made with whipped cream vodka! Get the recipe on Tammilee Tips.}

Candy Corn Martini- Yum!

{MMM this candy corn martini looks delectable on Inquisitr. Get the recipe here!}

yummy Candy Corn martini

{We love the pop rocks on this rim of this candy corn martini on Boulder Locavoca.}

Love ThiS Candy Corn Vodka Tonic

{How darling this this candy corn vodka tonic on Miss Make. Get their recipe for this goodie here!}

Love this Candy Corn Martini

{We love this creamy looking candy corn martini with candy rim on Fashionably Bombed.}

Candy Corn fflavored Vodka for A Martini- OMG!

{Vodka infused with candy corn sounds like s delight for Halloween. Use in in your next martini with this recipe from Brit.Co.}

Yum! Candy Corn Martini Sipper

{We love these candy corn sippers on these mason jars on Boulder Locacore. It’s non alcoholic but you can definitely add alcohol to it!}

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