10 Lantern Ideas We Adore!

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Our outdoor dinner party ideas continue and today is all about lanterns! Lanterns are one of those things that works marvelously as lighting outside. They come is all sorts of shapes, styles, themes and colors to make a creative and unique look. There are even some DIY jar and can lanterns you can do that are completely adorable. Lanterns are one of those things that instantly bring an intimately feeling to any space they are in. whether they are hanging from trees, used as centerpieces or places around as decorations, lanterns give that much needed glow to where ever they are.  There are tons of ways to use and decorate with lanterns and we have rounded up our top 10 favorite lantern ideas to use in any type of outdoor dinner party. From a casual get together and bbq to a formal rehearsal dinner or wedding, lanterns have their place in all of life’s celebrations!

Outdoor Lantern Decortions For Summer!

{We love mixing up lantern designs and having them all in one place like this fabulous lantern display on these beach stairs on I Heart Styling.}

Romantic Outdoor dinner setting with lanterns- Cozy!

Hanging Lanterns From Trees Can Create Such An Intimate Look

{Here are two fabulous ways to use camp lanterns at your outdoor parties! We love the intimate feel of both of these dinners with the lanterns having from the trees. Completely lovely if you ask us! Top pic spotted on Intimate Weddings and bottom pic on Elle Courtney Events.}

Hanging Clear glass lanterns are perfect for outdoor parties!

{You can also cluster your lanterns together like these glass ones on Sunset. We love the look of these too!}

DIY Jar Candle Lanterns Are Just gorgeous!

{Here is another glass jar lantern look that is completely DIY on Brit.Co.}

DIY Can Lanterns For Your Outdoor Parties

{Here is another fabulous DIY lantern idea you can do with cans we spotted on Lush Home.}

Moroccan Style Lanterns For Outdoor Parties- Love these!

{We love the moroccan look of these lanterns and clustering them all together like these on Nivo Team makes them 10 times more lovely!

Modern Wire Lanterns are perfect for an outdoor party

{Check out these gorgeous modern wire lanterns on Houzz. These would definitely be a lovely detail at a dinner party no matter where you put them!}

Lovely Hanging Lanters off this Patio Umbrella- Great idea!

{We love creative and lvoely ways to hang paper lanterns and this idea of hanging them on a patio umbrella on Livened Up definitely tops our favorite ones.}

String Outdoor Lanterns- Love this look!

{Hanging paper lanterns on a string create a fabulous look too, especially when you mix different colors and shapes together like these on Bingo Home Co.}

These Lanterns Create Such A Dramatic Look!

{We adore this mix of lanterns, market lights, twinkle lights and winter decorations to create a dramatic look on House To Home.}

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of these lovely lantern ideas! It would be so nice to have something like the Moroccan looking lanterns in my backyard. The etched design that lets light in through the spaces can really help curb the amount of light that you get. You wouldn’t have to worry about being blinded by a super bright lantern!

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