Bright Ideas For A Neon Glow In The Dark Party!

We are SUPER excited about today’s Sweet 16 idea, a glow in the dark party! From seeing the huge trend in neon this past year with everything from clothes to shoes, home decor, even weddings,  we KNEW this would be a killer party theme too. Kicking the neon theme up a notch with a glow in the dark neon party is an even lovelier idea! We are just smitten for this idea. Everything gets better when it is glow in the dark like bowling, miniature golf, 5 K marathons and parties are no exception! A glow in the dark party is an awesome idea for a sweet 16 because of how funky and cool everything is.  You really can’t get any cooler than glow In the dark invitations, decorations, food and awesome neon outfits for a party. Not to mention how awesome it is to use glow sticks and glow in the dark paint in almost every party detail imaginable. Our minds are just buzzing with ideas! We have rounded up our favorite neon glow in the dark party ideas and can’t wait to show yo how cool this party can be!

Neon Glow In The Dark Party Invitation

{We ADORE this glow in the dark party invitation that they used as a party sign on Kara’s Party Ideas! Isn’t it just lovely?}

Glow In the Dark Guest Tables

{Look how many ways you can use glow sticks! On plates, cups, even utensils and pitchers! We love this glow int he dark party table set up on Party Wirks.}

Fabulous Glow Party Decorations

{We love what you can do with glow in the dark paint like all of these chic ideas on Martha Stewart. Get this DIY tutorial glow in the dark idea on Martha Stewart!}

Glow In The Dark Party Invitations

{This glow in the dark party invitation is just awesome for a Sweet 16!  We love the ticket design and all of the beautiful colors. Get this invitations from Kristin Z Kreations on Etsy.}

Neon Glow In The Dark Invitation

{The neon colors on this glow int he dark party invitation are just awesome! Get this invitation from Zazzle.}

Light Up Sunglass for a Glow In The Dark Party

{This light up sunglasses are such an AMAZING idea for a glow in the dark party. These make for awesome outfits during the party and favors! Get these from Rave Ready.}

DIY Glow Jars For A Sweet 16 Glow In The Dark Party

{We love glow stick decorations and these DIY ones from The Gold Jelly Bean are just lovely!}

DIY Neon Glow jars

{Speaking of glow stick decorations, aren’t these glowing jars just fabulous from Turnstyle Vogue? Such an easy and amazing idea for a glow in the dark Sweet 16!}

Neon Glow in the Dark Party Table

{Things always look so cool when they are under black light and these cups and ribbons really make a statement! We adore this glow in the dark party table on Kara Party Ideas.}

LED Balloon for a Glow Party

{Put LED’s or glow sticks in your balloons to make them glow. We are just gaga over this simple yet awesome idea for a glow in the dark party. Get the kit from Brit + Co.}

Glow In The Dark Chandelier For Neon Sweet 16 party

{An AWESOME glow stick chandelier that you can easily make from Grey Grey Designs. You could literally hang this anywhere and make a statement!}

Glowstick Decor For The Pool

{Float balloon with glow sticks or glowing orbs in water to really make an wow moment at your glow int he dark party! Get floating glowing orbs from Save On Crafts. Spotted these orbs on Listotic.}

Glow In The Dark Centerpieces

{Oh my goodness, these glow stick centerpieces are outstanding! Such a lovely look from Grey Grey Designs!} 

Neon Glow In The Dark Dessert Table

{Now time for the desserts and this glow in the dark dessert bar on Kara’s Party Ideas is seriously lovely. We love all of the glowing decor and treats!}

Glow In The Dark Cotton Candy

{We saved the best for last, glow in the dark cotton candy! These are LED cotton candy cones which make just an amazing look. Spotted these on When Geeks Wed. You can get the LED cotton candy sticks from Glo Cone.}

Need a place to get glow in the dark supplies for your party? Check Out Glow Source! They have 10% off your first purchase right now!


About Emily Cann

Emily Cann is the Founder, Writer and Party Stylist for B. Lovely Events, a blog that covers ideas and inspiration for all of life's celebrations. Emily loves celebrations of all types and everything that goes into them. She writes each day to inspire you to make the best celebrations that you can!


  1. Awesorme, so love it!

  2. Hi im cassidy in turning 13 in a couple of months i was wondering where do i get all of this stuff for a glow in the dark party and where can i have it cuz i dont want it at my house.

    • I hope I’m not too late. I’m turning 13 too and having a glow party. I’m doing it in my backyard but if you’ve got it in the budget, what about a bowling alley? Try looking around at Pary City or Walmart for glow stuff: that’s where my mom and I found the most stuff.

    • Cool happt early 13th I used to have a best friend named Cassidy

  3. anymore ideas

  4. A truly adorable party! My favorites are the invitations and cotton candy. We recently had a fabulous Glow in the Dark Make over party for my seven year old daughter, so much fun.

  5. AWESOME party idea, so much fun!!!

  6. Need to order paty supplies

  7. I love the glow lanterns, that’s the best tutorial I’ve found. You should check out the free neon printable party invitations I made.

  8. Anonomous 1 says:

    Do u know if there is glow in the dark nail polish and face paint??

    • Yes they have nail polish that is glwo int he dark all over. Try amazon and target. Even Party City Has Some. Face paint you can get at those places as well.

  9. sara waldrop says:

    I love the glow in the dark theme! ! My question is how do you set up the black lights so the decorations will glow?

  10. Indira Williams says:

    Hi Emily cann I would like to talk to you about my sweet sixteen next year for some ideas. When have the time can you please reply back thank you.

  11. I remember from college when doing a party on a budget, we used detergent to paint things and it worked just like glow- in-the-dark paint under a blacklight. I don’t know if the brand matters and I would assume it might be more budget-friendly than a specialty glow-in-the-dark paint. Just throwing it out there! =)

  12. YIN LENG TANG says:

    Is there any source in Malaysia or Singapore market for glow in the dark plates, glasses etc

  13. Great question I am not sure


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