Day 8- Holiday Favorites-Cookies For Santa

Amazing Milk and cookie set up for Santa

It’s day 8 of our holiday favorites and today is all about milk and cookies for Santa. Every year in our family, we leave milk and cookies for Santa and a couple of carrots for Rudolph. You just have to leave a treat for him as he makes his way from house to house as…

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Day 7- Holiday Favorites- Nutcrackers!

Love this modern nut cracker backdrop for a mantle!

It’s Day 6 of our holiday favorites this year and today is all about nutcrackers! Nutcrackers started as gifts to bring good luck to families and to protect them from evil spirits and now they are just fabulous Christmas decorations! There is just something about their long white hair and beard along with their lovely outfits ad hats…

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Day 6-Cookie Exchange Free Printables!

Lovely Cookie Exchange Free Printable Set

It’s Day 6 of our holiday favorites and  today is all about cookie exchange free printables. We have seen a huge trend this year in cookie exchange parties and we are totally smitten for them too. What could be better than a party all about cookies? Christmas cookies are already fabulous by themselves and when…

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Day 5-Holiday Favorites- Snowflake Cookies

In Love With These Wintery Snowflake Cookies

It’s day 5 of our holiday favorites and today is all about snowflake cookies! Snowflakes are the perfect representation of the winter in our eyes and made into cookies makes them even better! Snowflake cookies have such elegant details. With such exquisite designs, these snowflakes will definitely take your breath away. They are a wintery…

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Day 4- Holiday Favorites-Bird’s Party Holiday Magazine

Birds Party Holiday Magazine

It’s Day 4 of our Holiday Favorite’s Lovelies and today is all about one of our favorite holiday magazines this time of year, it’s Bird’s Party Holiday Magazine! It is a lovely party magazine that has all sorts of Christmas & Holiday party ideas, party styling, DIY recipes and crafts and of course tons on…

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Day 3-Holiday Favorites- Melted Snowman

Melted Snowman Hot Chocolate!

It’s day 3 of our holiday favorites and this year we are totally in love with some adorable melted snowman wonderfulness! It must have been Olaf that started our love for melted snowmen but ever since then, there have been tons of melted snowman ideas we have been seeing that we are just head over…

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Day 2-Holiday Favorites- Pretzel Reindeer

OMG this reindeer cupcake is adorbs

It’s day 2 our our holiday favorites and today is all about pretzel reindeer! We have been seeing these delicious reindeer treats popping up everywhere this year and we just love them! There are so many treats and desserts that are pretzel reindeer too. Cookies, cupcakes, sandwiches appetizers…all you need is some pretzels, red noses…

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